Beauty of Haiti


Silk and ribbons clouding the sky

Coastline and beaches – pure black sand

Walking, skipping, splash-splash snorkeling

Good, honest people – giving hand

Flawless beaches, nature walks too

Mountains and forests, trees and shrubs

Rugged valleys, crystal clear bays

Gifts of wisdom from the cherubs

Visitors welcomed to Haiti

Echoes of Africa airing

Panoramic view of realm

Haitian Saints singing and working

Beauty of Haiti is dancing

With the rainbow’s pastel colors

Different shades to please the Heavens

Family, good friends and neighbors

Rich – poor;   “Where is the middle class?”

Flesh clings tenaciously to mom

Creole speaking, dining delight

Tourist and rich folks under palm

Midnight blue sky, shimmering lights

Stars shining brightly upon moon

Happiness, sadness and sorrow

Hoping to see their loved ones soon

Poor human beings – young and old

Stomach growling, eyes tell it all

Sincerity, dignity, poise

Beauty of Haiti is for all


Ana Monnar   Copyright 2005