Poetry from Planet Earth

This children's poetry book is appropriate for ages 10 and up.

The book provides simple guidelines for writing poems. It also offers helpful websites. The poems throughout the book are educational.


School to Work
Natural Disasters

Thank God
The Universe
Character Education

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Poetry from Planet Earth

Written by Ana Monnar

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ISBN: 1410709000

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Poetry from Planet Earth

Planet Earth is the place to live
Take care of your planet
So you can breathe
Do your share
Preserve the land
Take care of the air
Maintain the water clean

Star Light, Star Bright

Star Light, Star Bright
What is it I wish to glimpse at tonight?
I wish to view a spectacular sight
Where I may gaze from a mountain’s delight
Under the moon and stars’ light

After climbing and reaching the mountain’s peak
I will look down and stare at the ocean and feel the breeze
Afterward, I will think carefully about what I truly seek

I’m in quest of peace on Earth
Praying that there will be no more wars
So that the young, old and middle-aged will be safe
No more unnecessary dying, crippling or pain
Only faith, love and kindness and then we will all gain from a safer world to raise children of every race

Copyright 2004 Ana Monnar

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