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I’m not a neat person

I live in a clutter

I go out the door and my bed is not done

Please speak up and don’t mutter


It doesn’t bother me

So why get upset?

That’s the way I like to be

So, sit back and listen to the string quartet


Stop with all the bickering

There are more important things in life

Watch the flowers bloom in spring

Be more agreeable and stop the strife


Does the untidiness bother you?

Then, don’t bother to look

So without further adieu

Just go to the park and read a good book


Don’t complain again and again

I don’t want to hear it

Go outside and watch the weather vane

While you enjoy a banana split


Under the rubble and each single pile

I can find what I need

While you run your mile

Tidy or untidy, people can succeed


Take time to enjoy life

Instead of cleaning and whining

Go to the beach and relax with your wife

Then take pleasure in fine dining


I’m a child that loves to play basketball

I enjoy reading, running, music and math

I’m high in stature and love being tall

Untidy?  Who cares!  As long as I take the right path!


I like being humble

Instead of being stuffy or plastic

I walk and try not to stumble

When I do what I like, I am enthusiastic


 Ana Monnar


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Copyright 2004 Ana Monnar

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