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The Law of the Funnel

Have you ever met a person?
Who mostly says, “Me, me, me.”
That person thinks the world revolves around
It’s time to open his or her eyes to see
You might go out of your way to do favors
About 100 favors it might be
But on the 101st you just can’t do it
And upset that person will be
That person believes that the wide part of the
funnel is always meant for them
Then the thin part of the funnel,
The rest of the world can get
All of a sudden a rude awakening
Finally the realization that it just doesn’t work
that way
It’s better to give sparingly
Than to be on the receiving end
People who are unselfish
Are happier with themselves
During their lifetime they have been giving
From the heart it comes naturally
When they truly need help
God will send Angels their way
Then be grateful and appreciative
Be humble and remember what to say
Thank you God for the Angels that you sent
each and everyday

Ana Monnar