Heart of Gold


To know, to feel and undergo

The heart is richer than gold

It reaches far – also near

The ones you love – young and old


The heart feels and senses true love

Clear as a blue sky – compassion, care

Respect, trust, consideration too

Fearless of love – the bold always dare


The heart is worth more than riches

It holds the key to the Heavens above

Spirit and mind to help others more

To find your soul mate – that will be love


To identify and recognize when love comes

The heart will pound forever more

Adore, admire, value, confide, and believe

During waking hours, nights and snore


Who cares about cars or status quo!

Important values and care are the treasures

That a loyal heart will win you over and over

Experience the pleasure of security’s measures


Ana Monnar  Copyright 2005